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Kashew is a small cattery based in Kimberley – the diamond city of the Northern Cape, South Africa.



We breed  silver classic tabby American Shorthair cats. With its dense black markings set on a sterling silver background this is the most well known ASH colour. Examples of the breed are often used in TV or magazine adverts, like the kitten in the Whiska’s advert and the Bacardi advert on TV.

My daughter Kelly Anne and I started breeding cats after getting involved with the cat fancy by showing our domestic cat Fluffy, who became the first Domestic Pet of the Year at the prestigious SACC Cat of the Year show in 2005. Together with my friend and mentor Suzette van den Berg we fell in love with the ASH breed and wanted to bring the breed to South Africa as there were very few in this country.The ASH is the 10th most popular cat breed in the USA and the colour and temperament were what we were looking for. Suzette has been breeding and showing the Sphynx breed for many years. www.vandebald.co.za  and has given us invaluable help and support. We imported our first cat in 2008 and the first litter of kittens was born in June 2009.

We currently have 2 breeding females GrCh Schooner’s Showboat Girl of Kashew and Stedam’s Katrina of Kashew. Both cats were imported from the USA, the breeders being Schooner’s Cattery www.schoonercats.com and Stedam’s American Shorthairs www.stedamcats.com. The male, SpCh Schooner’s Yachtsman of Vandebald’s, (also from Schooner’s) is owned and shown by Suzette van den Berg. Yachtsman has been Cat of the Day at three SACC Cat Shows and two CASA Cat Shows and was placed 5th at the SACC Cat of the Year Competition held in Pietermaritzburg in 2009. 


Kashew Cattery
Wendy & Kelly Anne Welham
Tel/Fax: 053-8314874
Cell: 0836333344

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